Monday, October 25, 2010

Busmans Holiday! Buswomens Holiday!

Wow.  I finally got to go on my Buswomans Holiday!
This is a view out of out hotel room in Port Washington, WI overlooking the Great Lake Michigan.
We are also looking at an art fair in progress on the left and the visiting "Tall Ships" on the right.
We came to see the Tall Ship reproductions but the added bonus was that I got to full fill my
desire of many years to be just a customer and a visitor an art fair. 

The 20 some years that I participated in indoor and outdoor art fairs had its share of rewards.
It has also often been grueling to be out in the elements for hours enduring hot and humid weather, rain, wind and even snow!  The first evening I watched from my hotel room as the poor canopys at this show were blown over and beat down by a storm of very high winds and sheets of rain and hal! Nightmare time!
What amazed me was to wake the next morning and look out at all the canopys and booths set back upright and in business!  What stout stuff us independent makers are made of.

This time I got to be the wandering visitor with the time to go out for lunch, think about what I wanted
to buy and just enjoy the day!  The view from both sides has been quite a trip!