Saturday, August 28, 2010

Artisans Collective: Featured!

Artisans Collective: Featured!: "Two Artisan Collective members had fabulous features in the blogosphere this week! Check out decor8's feature of Jennifer Atkins of Quenchmetal and Nancy Monsebroten of White Earth Studio.
I am a member of this fantastic team at called Artisans Collective.  The idea of team work really is alive here.  The support that the members give each other is invaluable.  Also, it is so wonderful to be part of a team to help advertize ourselves as a group as well as each of us separately.I have never been included in so many treasurys at etsy before we started team treasurys.  We have been featured on the front page!!
Hope everyone can find a team to join and feel this included.

Former Googler Adam Freed Takes COO Job at Etsy, As It Crafts More Funding

Former Googler Adam Freed Takes COO Job at Etsy, As It Crafts More Funding
I find this article really amazing but, also overwhelming! The $ numbers are huge!
See what you think?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Handmade and Fabulous!: Ceramics!

Handmade and Fabulous!: Ceramics!:   This is a great blog that just featured ceramics and included me!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bursts of Bubbles: If only.....

Bursts of Bubbles: If only.....: "In my last post I mentioned that I love ceramic items and would absolutely love some ceramic vases in my house so today I decided to go in s..."
This is a lovely blog that included my Lotus Vase in a great collection of ceramics.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interview at Design Style Guide blog

I am thrilled that Jay at Design Style Guide contacted me to do a feature on my work.  He did alot of work (so did I).  Take a peek if you are interested!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gone Fishing!!!!

I should have been packing work for a   re order from my Door. Co. Gallery, I should have been cleaning kiln shelves, I should have been getting work processor to work on our new computer,  I should have been finishing an interview with Design Style Guide!!!  BUT...I went fishing. Y:ipee!  Needed to get out of the studio for a bit even if the week end does not start for another  day!

We live on the beautiful banks of the Mississippi river.  We have a new (used) Pontoon boat.  We were having the first not in the 90's with high humidity day in a long time.  We (my hubster and I) dropped everything and went fishing!  The day was perfection.  Blue skys, puffy clouds, light breeze, no humidity!

We saw great blue herons and little duck families, we caught  Blue Gills, Sunfish and Perch which we will be pan frying up for dinner!

Tommorrow I will start back up on all the "Shoulds".  I suspect they will feel easier after this lovely break we gave ourselves!