Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The REAL life of a studio potter!

The end of a long day.  I had been glazing pots all day. It was evening..I was tired...I was hungry...I was rushing to finish.  That is when you make mistakes.  I did not screw the glass container on tight enough to the spray gun.  It fell off, crashed on the floor...glaze flew all over , even up into my hair.  My darling husband ran and got the camera and said "Lets photograph what this studio life is really like !" It was just one of those days.  The glaze room is my least favorite room.  Other days in the sunlite, bright part of the studio will make up for it.


debi said...

And the worst part is, now you have to clean everything up when you're already too tired!! Know the feeling! your pottery is so beautiful! I've never seen anything like it! Thanks for sharing.

lisa s said...

ha! that's funny !
thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

i hope to see your grandmas perm piece :)