Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Shop

Photographing my ceramics has always driven me crazy.  But now that I am learning Photo Shop I am really going bananas.  I spend SO much time trying to get my photos right.  I did have my professional photographer come out one afternoon and give me some quick tips.  Being a visual learner that was way helpful!

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But I still feel that I am spinning my wheels!  Ah well, it is a good learning curve that I have embarked upon since deciding to try to market my work online!  One of my customers told me that learning all this new stuff will definitely keep me young! My brain at least!  So, here is a sample of my lastest attempt at Photo Shop.  Any feedback?  Any critques? Please be gentle!

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ViKotas said...

I've been to your shop and I think your work is fabulous. I agree about the photography end of things. I finish a painting--then I have the same anguish that you write about. We are always learning